Council for Exceptional Children

Palm Beach County

Chapter #0200


A Message from the President,

PBC CEC Chapter #0200

Dear Colleagues,

As each year goes by we are looking at more opportunities and possibilities for children and individuals with exceptional needs. Ever since IDEA of 2004 there has been constant and consistent attempts to improve the quality of education and services for students in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) classroom. Palm Beach County is fortunate to have several dedicated and committed professionals as administrators, educators and support service providers in its attempt to provide quality, research based learning opportunities to students in the ESE programs.

As the President of the Council for Exceptional Children Palm Beach Chapter #0200, I am thankful to all members of CEC for their ardent efforts in assisting children with disabilities in the classroom and in the community.

Palm Beach chapter #0200 tries to make an impact in the lives of students with exceptional needs by awarding scholarships to students who are graduating from high school and looking at post-secondary learning opportunities, and by providing grants to students for summer camps. For more information please visit our site:

CEC chapter #0200 annually appreciates exemplary services by administrators, educators and support staff by giving them awards during the disability awareness month.

In an attempt to support administrators, educators and service providers CEC hosts several conventions and webinars. The 71st Annual Florida CEC Conference was held in Ponte Vedra, Florida from October 15-17, 2017.

We also recognize the attendees and participants of CEC 2018 Convention & Expo held from February 7–10 in Tampa, Florida.

I have always believed in the power of collaboration, and so I feel that with great team work we can create more possibilities for children and individuals with exceptional needs.


Dr. Jagathy Nair